Adidas Event Space, Headquarters – Berlin, Germany

  /    /  Adidas Event Space, Headquarters – Berlin, Germany

Adidas Event Space, Headquarters – Berlin, Germany

Minimal yet bold, this event space was designed to echo Adida’s culture as well as the preferences of staff, partners and visitors and meet the ultimate goals – to foster communication, engagement and relationship building.

A variety of playful, dynamic and ‘unusual’ details were blended as a result of thorough multi-level research conducted to understand the needs and design preferences of the users and translate this feedback into a space that visitors can feel familiar and comfortable to interact and engage with others whilst they get a clear message of Adida’s strong identity and the value of freedom to express oneself. Natural and bold materials like marble as well as lighting that imitates the natural light were all aligned with the natural environment which is very prominent across Adida’s headquarters.

Interior Designer

Emilia Margulies & Amy Brandhorst




Anne Katherine Scoffoni